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Skaz: Masters of Russian Storytelling

A Dual-Language Anthology

Edited and translated by Danielle Jones

Skaz—from the Russian skazat, "to tell"—is a unique narrative form with prominent oral, storytelling qualities. Standing in sharp contrast to well-known monumental works of Russian fiction, skaz allows creative, insightful explorations of countless settings and topics ranging from irreverent to tragic, from quotidian to magical.

This dual-language anthology, which includes stories by Babel, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Zoschchenko, and many other skaz masters, incorporates the Russian text side-by-side with the English translation. Ideal for students of Russian and heritage speakers, this volume represents a snapshot of the evolution of skaz throughout the Tsarist and Soviet eras, and promises a captivating read to any admirer of Russian culture, literature, or history.

Includes introduction, author biographical sketches, annotations, and discussion questions.

About the editor

Dr. Danielle Ann Jones is a writer and literary translator. She first visited Russia and Ukraine in 1994 and has returned many times since. In 2012–2013, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award to Perm, Russia. She teaches literature and writing at the University of Montana Western.

Skaz: Masters of Russian Storytelling was edited and translated by Danielle with Anna Arustamova, Svetlana Malykhina, and Natalya Russkikh.

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Table of contents
Foreword by Danielle Jones
The Bathhouse by Mikhail Zoshchenko

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